It just doesn’t get any weirder or more senseless……whew

It just doesn’t get any weirder or more senseless……whew

Why don’t superior races want to sit and bullshit with humans?

So, about a week ago, I post this painting – done in 1710 by a Dutch painter – which is pretty interesting. Obviously, you could read various meanings into the thing. It certainly doesn’t prove anything about UFOs, aliens, etc. But I think it’s kinda thought provoking. So two guys named Paul comment…..OMG. Paulino Benavides is my stepson from a previous marriage. The guy has a Facebook group dedicated to promoting his own daffy brand of religion….loosely based upon Christianity. It’s called “The FlatOut Truth” and also promotes the “flat earth” theory. Yeah, he’s a real genius. You can slap a little tagline on your Facebook page that describes you, etc. This is Paul’s:
“I am a Renaissance Man…from birth I was unknowly trained by the most high to study many things.🙏🏽” I was “unknowly trained” – huh????

The guy who responds, Paul Behan, is an old high school friend who is nuts with religion. And the guys owns the “The Gold and Silver Exchange” in Grand Rapids. It proves to me what I’ve always suspected – that being successful, wealthy, etc. has more to do with luck than brains.

Paulino Benavides The Annunaki that are written in the emerald tablets are the fallen angels setting up the great deception. There are no aliens, but demons and spirits of the fallen angels and the spirits of the offsprings of the 200 watcher angels that mates with the daughter’s of Cain…these women born giants the men of renown. The Nephilum. These giants were never to be born.

Paul Behan

Paulino Benavides , very well stated. There is one error though. The fallen angels had sex with women in an attempt to breed out the line from which Christ would come.
Therefore, they had sex with the female offspring of Seth and other children of Adam.

Paulino Benavides

Paul Behan The ancient Biblical text says Cain, which makes more sense because they have already had a corrupted bloodline Cain. Cain’s bloodline was corrupted from the beginning and then watchers picked then because their bloodline would be more easily mixed. This is why the women bore giants the men of renown.

If they had sex with Seth the Noah story makes NO sense.
1) how was the Cain bloodline continued through the flood?
2) The giants came from the Cain bloodline so how would it continued through the flood because there were giants after the flood.
3) How is the Messiah/Yahusha/Jesus come from pure blood(lamb without spot or blemish) if He came from Seth?4) Why was Canaan cursed by Noah?
I would like to hear your understanding of these questions.